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Celebrating Powerful & Courageous
Women & girls in Sports

GoodSport Women is a content company dedicated to sharing the under-told stories of women and girls in sports. Our mission is to shine a light on positive role models and inspire a generation of female leaders.

Why Now?

& girls receive
only 4% of
sports media

Tucker Center for Research on Girls &
Women in Sport

The lack of
representation of
positive female role
models is a main
reason girls drop out
of sports at 2x the
rate of boys.

Women's Sports Foundation

Studies show an
overwhelming correlation
between athletic and
business success. 94% of female C-Suite
executives played sports.


“I want our girls to grow up knowing that there are
no boundaries that can be placed on their futures, period. I want them to grow up in a world where their gender does not feel like a rulebook for what they should
think, or be, or do.”

Steph Curry, This is Personal

GoodSport’s Social Influence Index is a dynamic tracker that scores the purpose-driven influence of popular sports figures. By analyzing cause-related social media posts, the index will be a unique indicator of how sports influencers use their platforms to help others.

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